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At Arhea we have a great range of printers to select from.

BIXOLON -  STP-103 Printer

Features - (Download Brochure) - 285kb

With speed, quality and value, the STP-103 thermal receipt printer is clearly first
in it's class. The user-friendly design incorporates a small footprint, drop-andload
paper insertion and prints at a speed of 50mm per second. Large, clear print on 58mm
wide paper from a very compact unit.

Bixolon STP-103 Printer


Features - (Download Brochure) - 845kb

The TRST-A10 is one of the fastest thermal printers in its class. The new development in
print head technology has greatly improved the printing speed to 225mm/sec. There is
no need to keep customer waiting anymore with the new TRST-A10.

* Power escape system
* Easy operation
* Selectable paper width

Toshiba Printer TRST-A10


Features - (Download Brochure) - 659kb

Customer Benefits

The TRST-A10/15 receipt printers share these unique features

* Highest speed in its class
* Best price on the market
* Efficient client coomunications through double sided receipt printing


BIXOLON - SRP-275 Printer

Features - (Download Brochure) - 195kb

The SRP-275 is 2nd generation Impact printer which just started with a new name BIXOLON.
This printer has more functions such as two-color printing and versatile paper roll sizes and
boasts about fast speed and less printing noise. It's really successful series from SRP-270.

SRP-275 Printer

EPSON -  TM-U220

Features - (Download Brochure) - 356kb

The New Industry-wide Standard in Printing
The TM-U220 is the easy to use yet powerful successor to the TM-U210, whose ease-of-use
and reliability have made it an overwhelming favourite around the world.

Easy Operation
Free busy operators from troublesome roll paper and ribbon cassette replacement. The
TM-U220 makes these chores a snap. Simply pop the cover, drop in the paper or ribbon,
shut the cover. You’re back in business.

Epson TM-U220

BIXOLON -  SRP-350 Printer

Features - (Download Brochure) - 415kb

* USB 2.0 on board standard
* High speed USB 2.0
* Long lasting auto cutter
* Customer orientated software tools
* Two colour printing
* 2D Barcoding printing support

Bixolon SRP-350 Printer

ELLIX - 10 Printer

Features - (Download Brochure) - 892kb

This durable receipt printer ELLIX 10 is designed for any retail environment.
“You will be satisfied with ELLIX 10’s all of features and performances while the unique
qualities and styles of ELLIX 10 make your business environment more convenient.”

* ELLIX 10’s maximum printing speed is 75mm/sec.
* ELLIX 10 has high reliability as MCBF 30,000,000 lines.
* ELLIX 10 completely comes with the industry’s standard emulations, so it’s ready to plug
   and play with your current application.

Ellix_10 Printer

ELLIX - 20 Printer

Features - (Download Brochure) - 892kb

When you meet the ELLIX 20, you feel free about the speed. This high speed receipt
printer, ELLIX 20 has the printing speed 220mm/sec (max) and there’s no need to keep
customers waiting.

SAM4S offers you the ELLIX 20, it’s the most advanced receipt printer.
And also you can choose the paper width in either 58mm or 80mm.

Ellix_20 Printer

SENOR - TP-290 Thermal Printer

Features - (Download Brochure) - 302kb

* Printing Method - THermal Line
* Printing Speed - Approx. 150-220mm / second
* 40 Columns
* 12x24 (alphanumeric)
* 1/6 inch (4.23mm)
* RS-232 interface



* Reliability - 100KM
* 240VDC / 2.1A
* 140.7(w) x 190(d) x 133(h)
* SRAM- 128KB
* FLASH - 512KB

TP-290 Thermal Printer

SENOR - TP288 Printer

Features - (Download Brochure) - 563kb

* RS-232 Interface
* ParallelPort
* Wireless
* Ethernet
* Auto Paper Cutter



* Printing speed - 150mm/sec
* 180 x 180 DPI
* Printing width - 72mm, 512 dots/line
* 95 Alphanumeric characters
* Extended graphic - 28x7 Page

TP288 Printer

EPSON - TM-T88IV Printer

Features - (Download Brochure) - 431kb

Latest Generation of Industry Leading TM-T88 Series

The Epson TM-T88IV is the high-speed thermal receipt printer with compact design
and improved printing performance, the powerful successor to the Epson TM-T88III.
Built with all the advantages of the Epson TM-T88III, the Epson TM-T88IV provides
faster printing with the same high reliability, ideal for high-volume transaction

Epson TM-T88IV Printer

SAMSUNG - SRP-500 Printer

Features - (Download Brochure) - 407kb

The Samsung SRP-500 Inkjet Receipt Printer has all the functionality you will need. It's high
speed compact size and easy paper loading will provide efficiency and ease of use for all

Stand out from the crowd and make use of up to four colours and graphic printing to add
value to your customer receipts. All this and low total cost of ownership makes the SRP-500
the first choice for receipt printing.

SRP-500 Printer