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The reliable ST-A10 TOSHIBA Touch Screen, DDA Hospitality Software, Heavy duty TP-290
fast thermal printer and the unbreakable GC-34 black steel Drawer is the complete and
affordable POS Package that will manage from the smallest Fast Food outlet to the
largest Café or Restaurant.

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POS System Bundle



The “only” way to go for your Supermarket or Fruit Market that is reliable and will save you
space, The APOS Touch Screen with its smart battery providing both UPS for protection from
bad power or power failure and safe shutdown, The heavy duty TP-290 Thermal Printer,
The S-730 Scanner (32 line dual lase omnidirectional) add a steel Cash Drawer add your
software and a Scale (Toshiba TEC, CAS or ACOM) connect as many units as you like together
in your store and your ready to go.

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APOS System Bundle