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Touch Screens


WILLPOS A20 - (Download Brochure)

WILPOS A20 is specially designed to reduce energy usage and environmental impact.
The WILLPOS A20 is the finest POS choice for retailers looking for supreme performance
and reliability with impressive green credentials.

* Less energy more power
* Large customer TFT and speakers
* Reliability
* Flexibility for choice


Toshiba ST-A10 TouchPOS - (Download Brochure)

The Toshiba ST-A10 is a low cost POS terminal which is designed for the mass market.
The sleek ST-A10 delivers style, serviceability and state-of-the art technology needed
at the retail market for maximum customer service experience.

* Innovative design for the mass retail market
* New compact design which incorporate a small foot-print.
* Spill proof design
* Screw-less cover for easy maintenance
* Affordable and price competitive

TOSHIBA ST-A10 TouchPOS      

Robot POS - (Download Brochure)

ROBOT POS is specially designed for the retail and hospitality industries. Dependable,
reliable with high transactions throughput,and a stylish, yet rugged form factor. More than
just a computer, the Senor ROBOT POS is perfectly designed for the point-of-sale. Senor
has engineered many patented and proprietary features into ROBOT POS such as:

* Motorised tilting LCD Touch Screen
* DIsplay Media and messages on a dual screen
* Wireless infrared Keyboard
* Easy Software Installation

Robot POS

Shop POS - (Download Brochure)

SHOP POS is specially designed for the retail and hospitality industries where
counter space is limited. Innovative design gives SHOP POS a footprint smaller
than a sheet of letter size paper.

The Senor SHOP POS is more than just a computer, it is perfectly designed for
the point-of-sale. Dependable, reliable, with high transaction throughput, and a
stylish, yet rugged form factor. Senor has engineered many patented and
proprietary features into SHOP POS.

Shop POS

Dual POS - (Download Brochure)

With Senor's Dual POS, entertain and inform your customers!!!

Today, with the interactive R&D and Marketing team, Senor has improved the flagship
model into not only the simple and effective POS machine, but also an Advertising medium.

By building on the best of the best, Senor has added an Interactive Touch LCD display to
the back of the Shop POS, enabling MP3 advertisings, promotions and even weather
forecasts to be shown to your customers. Dual DisplayPOS.... Pure Advertising Pleasure

Dual POS

Scan POS - (Download Brochure)

SCAN POS is ideal wherever barcode scanning is a requirement -  supermarkets,
convenience stores and general retailing. SCAN POS is also ideal for automatic
price checking kiosks; and for product information systems in record and video
stores where it allows playback of music samples and videopromotions when a
customer scans the product barcode


Scan POS

AMON - (Download Brochure)

The AMON, an advanced touch monitor, incorporates the All-in One concept. Designed
to be a versatile, compact, flexible and reliable touch monitor, the AMON can be optionally
integrated with a customer display, Magnetic Card Reader Smart Card Reader, iButton,
Finger Print Sensor, RFID, Keypads and other I/O device. The AMON's unique and intelligent
design is suitable for a wide range of applications, with multi-purpose benefits such as;

* A POS Monitor                                                             * Kitchen Display
* Dual Touch Display                                                     * Trendy Touch Monitor


APOS - (Download Brochure)

SENOR APOS is a high performance POS system specially designed to be suitable for a wide
range of applications. This all-in-one unit incorporates SmartBattery as a standard feature
providing both UPS for protection from bad power or power failure and safe shutdown to
preserve the operating state of the system until power is restored. This special feature
provides reliability and protects the Hard Disk with it's cleaner power.

* Precise screen angle adjustment                                   * Splash proof ond dust proof
* Convenient wireless infra red keyboard                         * Easy softwore installation